16:49, 11 August 2022




Technology Design and Development
Almost every aspect of working lives is touched by technology in one form or another.
From the inception of the PC, through the convergence of computer and telecommunications, to the evolution of green technologies, Coolfin has always been a leading edge innovator of systems that match the needs of our clients'. We can advise on the design and selection of a broad range of systems to meet clients industrial and business process needs and, where necessary, refer clients to our Industrial Design and Computer Services group affording the secure approach that our clients enjoy.

Strategic Support Planning
Coolfin has a strong track record of providing strategic advice to some of the world's leading companies and institutions. We create the luxury of time and space at our Business Management Centre in Ireland for executives and business leaders to take time out to rationalise the direction and scale of business development drawing on our Senior Advisory Team, who blend solid lateral thinking with 3 decades of real world experience to help you take the right strategic direction.

Business Development Planning
We assist new and established businesses to evaluate, document and deploy their business plans. We apply a well tested project approach to map out the operational milestones that are critical to ensuring that each aspect of the business can achieve its goals and revenues. If you have a new product or wish to capture more market share we can provide cost effective advice to support your business planning decisions.

Market Development
The cost to market can be substantial if the total cost of client ownership is not measured properly. Measuring market size and evaluating product or service fit is integral to our approach to business planning. Our independent view provides you with the ability to challenge how best to gain market share. Our e-commerce and industrial design partners can also assist in the process of securing product improvements and provide prototypes for market testing.

"Research & Development" & Deployment
No matter what your sector of business, research is the life blood of future competitive advantage and we can facilitate this crucial aspect of your business. From first concept to finished product we have an enviable history of success in applied and operational research that has facilitated some of the world's leading technologies. Please review our case studies on current research projects and then talk to us about innovation and staying ahead of your competitors. We also offer an R&D alliance programme that can be mutually beneficial to clients who might accelerate their route to market by bringing two or more partners together.

Regulatory & Policy Analysis
For many years Coolfin has been the author of Government and NGO policies and Standards. Working with the United Nations, European Union as well as National and Federal Governments we have gained a unique insight into the workings of Government opportunity to translate regulatory policy into a language of business development.
Understanding regulatory policy and securing cost effective compliance is a special skill and one that our clients enjoy as an integral aspect of our consulting programmes.

Legal & Contractual
Coolfin offers an in-house legal and contract production service to support client projects. As advisors to some of Europe’s leading law firms we are often called upon to apply a commercial understanding when establishing legal frameworks for protecting client products and services. This allows us to generate a wide range of agreements to meet client needs. Patent, and product and process design protection is often overlooked during the business planning stage.

Financial Planning
Good financial planning and treasury management are fundamental to the stability of any company. Raising working capital and project finance is more difficult now following the breakdown of traditional equity markets. Our clients enjoy access to a broad range of financial planning and capital raising services that are supported by our team of experienced audit and investment partners.