15:25, 11 August 2022

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At Coolfin we understand each step in the operational path from concept to finished product and our award winning designers and science partners across bio and electronic sectors give us a special opportunity to advise clients on all aspects of the path through innovation to commercialisation.

We invest in and support the incubation and validation of technologies to help entrepreneurs and corporate project teams to measure their ideas and opportunities.

Our global network of advisors consider design protection as a fundamental part of the business process and our work in global markets ensures that your ideas are reviewed by experts with the diligence you can expect from an international firm of 25 years standing.


Funding innovation and gaining access to risk capital is a difficult path and so we have built up a community of investors and incubation options. This helps us to direct clients to the best place to host and develop their projects. The choice of jurisdiction can be crucial to gaining incentive grants and building investor confidence. At a time when crowd-funding and peer-to-peer lending is accelerating past conventional investment sources, we can refer projects to the best possible options to convert science and innovation into value and growth. Contact Us.