16:48, 11 August 2022

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Coolfin has been a leading developer of sustainable energy projects since 2004.

Coolfin has facilitated the development of major biomass and renewable energy projects. Our projects in emerging markets and investor platforms are the emerging benchmark for diligence and project monitoring and the new EUNIFi investor platform creates a dynamic impact fund channel to blend funds from the DFI and philanthropy sources.  

The green revolution calls on many aspects of our traditional business and technology skills. It focuses on the building of scalable regional projects that tackle head-on the joint challenges of climate change and energy security. It uses innovative and proven solutions borne from expedient international collaboration across technology choice and investor capital.

plantCoolfin Chairman, Mr. Gavin Maxwell is advisor to some of the world's leading agencies and corporations and is a regular keynote speaker on sustainable energy and investment and impact risk capital.  “As members of the OECD, EC and other working groups for energy investment, we influence and advocate long term policies that stabilise investor options in these dynamic growth markets.”


Coolfin is recognised as one of the leading advocates for combining a broader range of capital sources to close the gap between project developer and investor.  If you are an energy project developer and want fast economic advice or to offer your project to investors, register today on our EUNIFI project. Contact Us.